Monday, November 11, 2013

Wal-Mart BB and Airsoft Guns, and a Helpful Employee

So I'm standing in the Wal-Mart sporting goods section, staring blankly at the bb and airsoft guns. A Wal-Mart employee, "Steven", approaches. He looks like he's probably in his early 30's, with a goatee.

STEVEN: Hi, can I help you with anything?

ME: Yes, I was looking to get a BB pistol.
STEVEN: Oh, well this one right here is our best-selling pistol. *points to an airsoft pistol*
ME: No, I need a BB pistol, not an airsoft one. I want it to look real, none of that orange-tip crap.
STEVEN: ;*laughs* Oh, OK, man. Well, this one looks pretty badass. *points to a revolver/Magnum-style BB pistol*
ME: Yeah, but it's kinda big. I need something a little more easily-concealable.
STEVEN: *laughs again, but less hard* OK, well this one is pretty small *points to a smaller BB pistol*
ME: Yeah, that looks good. Does it shoot both BBs AND pellets? I need it to shoot pellets, something that can really hurt someone.
STEVEN: *raises an eyebrow, gives me a "What the hell?!?" look*
ME: *looking shocked* Oh, oh no man I don't mean, like, KILL anybody or anything, just something that will seriously maim.
STEVEN: *seamlessly shifts from concerned look to thinking look. He strokes his goatee* Well... this one here is the only pistol I have that shoots both BBs and pellets... but it's spring-action, only 240 feet per second, that probably won't even break skin... would you like me to see what I can order for you?
ME: No, that's OK. Thanks for your help!
STEVEN: No problem! You let me know if you have any questions about anything else. *Steven walks away*


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