Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey, you're "blocking" my view!

Today I noticed this sign on a door just outside the psychology building on the CWU campus:

Now, clearly this sign is merely saying "Do not block doorway", but it's fun to think about other possible intentions:
"Do not build a Lego fortress in front of this door"
"Do not hold neighborhood parties in front of this door"
"Do not pretend to block this door"
"Do not deny this door any points"
"Don't mess with Mr. Doorway. Not even sarcastically."


Ben said...

Psychology experiment testing the power of quotation marks?

Joe said...

haha if it was on a piece of paper instead of a metal sign, I would think that was exactly what it was.

NoJGenny said...

Since "block" is in quotation marks, it's obviously a euphemism for something else. Is this something only known to psychologists?

Joe said...

Well, I guess there is a behavioral technique called "blocking" that prevents kids who engage in self-injurious behavior from hurting themselves. The door didn't appear to be autistic, but I guess it was pretty quiet while I was around it.