Friday, August 19, 2011

Play, Occupation? Playcupation

Kanon Tipton, a 4-year-old son of a pentecostal preacher has been dubbed by some as the "world's youngest preacher." He is a child. A child who (as he himself admits) likes "preaching" because it's what "Daddy does." Most preachers I know who saw this video would not say he is "preaching." He is repeating buzz-words that get a pentecostal crowd excited. Only a pentecostal would consider the empty jargon, backed by emotional exuberance, as being a "message."

So is he really a "preacher"? It depends on your perspective. Is a kid who runs around with plastic handcuffs and a toy gun a policeman? Is a child who wears a white jacket and carries a toy stethoscope a doctor? Is a kid who wears a little suit and excitedly yells empty idioms about God and Jesus a preacher? In the pentecostal church, yes.

There seems to be a disturbing trend in the age of YouTube to label children's play as some sort of a "phenomenon." Because a child is particularly cute, or accurate in their play, or caught on video, does NOT indicate that there is "something more" going on.

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Karl said...

As a child, it's a big responsibility for him. Imagine a 4-year old kid preaching. I think it's great for him because he probably loves what he does, but still he need some time to enjoy while he's still a kid.

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