Monday, August 1, 2011

The Boring Things: Official Funyun Information Source

So I was recently going through this blog's statistics (daily traffic, page views, etc.), and discovered that some of our traffic comes through a link on Wikipedia.

Apparently, this post is the SOLE source for the Wikipedia entry on Funyuns.

Of course, other than the fact that my post acknowledges the existence of a product called "OnYums", I fail to see how it is a valid source for the information cited in the Wikipedia entry.

That said, I am proud that The Boring Things is the Center of Information on Funyuns, and would like to add a Fun Funyun Fact:
- There are two different Funyun flavors: Original and Flamin' Hot. The Wikipedia entry claims that there is also an "Extreme Cheese" flavor, but a search for this yields no results outside of the entry itself (including no pictures of bags of the alleged flavor), and therefore I must conclude that Extreme Cheese Funyuns are nothing more than an urban legend.

More Fun Funyun Facts may come in the future.

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