Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fighting Poverty and War, One Designer T-shirt at a Time

There's been a recent trend of "socially conscious" businesses that specialize in marketing their overpriced wares by advertising that a "portion" of each of sale goes to charity.

One of those companies used this series of photos as part of their advertising:
This series of pictures says, "Multicultural friends! Buy our clothes! We give to Africans!"

So, if you'd like to buy a $40 t-shirt so that $2 will go to charity (instead of, say, buying a $15 t-shirt and just giving $25 to charity), these companies are there for you: to take your money, send you a shirt with a design that appears to have taken 5 minutes to make in Photoshop, and (probably) include a card/letter of some type with your order that thanks you for helping them to end civil war(s) in Africa.

Maybe the next big thing will be opening charity sweatshops in Africa: "Every time you buy from CrayFishDeSigns, you are helping to support the 5,000 African children that we keep off the streets and out of civil wars every day in the Democratic Republic of Congo!"


Ben said...

But, they'd be off the streets!

Joe said...

You can't argue with that logic.