Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disturbing Trend of Trendy Trendoids

I did it. I broke down. Despite the glut of blogs already ripping hipsters for being annoying little blackguards, I can no longer keep silent. The hipster trend is even spreading into new "hip" churches. I can only imagine the horror of a generation of "hipster" youth pastors. 40-year-old "hip" youth pastors will trade in their earrings and "cool" Christian t-shirts for girl jeans and flannel shirts. Youth rooms will become dens of turntables with vintage records (that no one has ever listened to) pinned up on the walls. Pastors will overuse the word "relevant" even more than they already do.

In New York state, there is even a church that is actually called "Hipster Church". A great quote from their website:
Yes, I have tattoos. Yes, I used to be in a band. And yes, I do wear skinny jeans but that doesn't define me or my church.
Yes, it does! How do I know? Because you named your church "Hipster Church". YOU defined your church in what you named it! That's like a guy who starts a church called "Loser Church" saying "Yes, I have beaten every Pokémon game. Yes, I used to listen to Michael Bolton. And yes, I do wear pink lycra pants but that doesn't define me or my church."
I was going to include a picture of a hipster with this post, but I can't. All of them are just too annoying.


Ben said...

Hipsters are now actually Michael Bolton fans following this:

He's no longer just a funny joke from "Office Space."

Joe said...

See?!? They ruin everything!