Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Satire or pure unadulterated filth? You be the judge!

My students wrote an essay analyzing the satire in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, and they were then asked to compare the satire in the novel to a work of modern satire.

One student chose to compare the novel to the song "Show Me Yo Booty Hole" by Saosin.

This is the first time I had heard about this song, and I still have yet to listen to the song, but after reading several school-inappropriate lyrics in the essay, I looked up the complete lyrics.

Below I have that song for your judgement. Is this song a work of pure satirical genius about the oversexed promiscuous nature of modern culture, or is it pure unadulterated filth? Leave comments!

"Show Me Yo Booty Hole" by Saosin
Show me yo booty hole, oh (x2)
Show me yo booty hole

Walk up in the club like you think you nice
Walkin' all around like you cold as ice
Lookin' at yo booty makes me want to touch it
Thinkin' bout yo hole makes me want to munch it
You know my Caddy's parked just right outsiiiiird
You know your booty want to go **for a rurd (for a ride)
We bout to drive around and I'll show you the city
I even might reach over and grab me a tittay

Grab it gr-grab it grab it grab it
take that, take that, take that, take that
Grab it gr-grab grab it grab it
take that, take that, take that hoe

Back up in the club I think I'm goin' blind
Saw so much booty nearly lost my mind
You know I cant help it when I get started
Damn hoe! *fart noise* Was that yo booty that farted?
*laughter* Ah, fuck it.
Show me your booty hole!

That booty, that b-b-b-booty hole, that booty!
That b-b-b-booty hole, that booty
Show me your booty hole

First thing's first I know my style is wack
And first things thirds I don't even listen to rap
All these people always hatin' on me
Screamin' out loud (Man, fuck that boosty.)
All these crack ass rappers trying to make it to the top
But with pointless rapping
Adding pointless clapping
Only B2C** will never stop
*clap, clap, clap*

It's twelve fiftizzle and I just got to the pizzle
Boosty's fucken drizzle off a bottle of bacizzle
All these trizzles try to get me in the frizzle
But I only want the hizzle buhizzle bizzle nizzle

I got girls to my left and girls to my right
Shake your booty baby, it's lookin' alright
I got booty to my left and booty to my right
Give me booty baby and I'll lick it all night
I wish yo ass was all up on me
So I could put my tongue inside those cheeks
(ha ha, ha ha)

This hole, that hole, this hole, that hole,
Eeny meeny miney mo, let me eat your booty hole


All these bitches and all these hoes
get used to the lickin' of the booty hole
So come on girl, just learn some patience
Turn around baby and give me that anus
Let's go!
Show me yo booty hole

That booty, that b-b-b-booty hole, that booty
That b-b-b-booty hole, that booty
Show me your booty hole

Shakin' yer booty like it ain't no thing
Rub it all up on my dingaling
Thinkin' bout what I want to do to you
Does that shit smell like poo to you? (Ew)
Lace, silk, cotton, polyester
It's all comin' off so it doesn't even matter
Black, white, asian, puerto rican
I don't care, if your booty hole's stinkin'
(I want your booty hole, doo doo doo!)

One, two, three, furr
Get yer booty hole up in hurr
Five, six, seven, eurrt
Let's put that booty hole back to work!
Nine, ten, eleven, twurv
Bend over baby and show me them curves!
Now you think I'm starting to purv
But damn your ass if off the chain bi-atch
Ohh, shit I think I almost came!

That booty, that b-b-b-booty hole, that booty
That b-b-b-booty hole, that booty
Show me your booty hole

That booty, that b-b-b-booty hole, that booty
That b-b-b-booty hole, that booty
Show me yo booty hole!


Joe said...

Well my initial reaction is simply, "Wow, that's foul." As someone who sometimes (OK, often) enjoys off-color humor, I simply didn't "get" this song.

It seems fairly clear that it's a "joke" song. I wouldn't give them the intellectual credit of calling it "satire" though.

Anonymous said...

What would adulterated filth be?

Ben said...

Perhaps "adulterated" filth would find a more clever way of referencing "anus licking."

Anonymous said...

Pure unadulterated crap, things are getting worse with rap so called singers brainwashing teenagers.