Thursday, January 20, 2011

NBC Thursdays: Agony & Ecstacy

COMMUNITY: So glad it's back. This show has yet to disappoint me.

PERFECT COUPLES: Piloting tonight. I have no idea what it's about, but the title makes me think it'll probably suck.

THE OFFICE: Sadly, The Office has been suffering its weakest season yet (in my opinion). All the gags have been used ad nauseum, and it seems like even the actors are tired of doing them. Still, my respect for this show's previous greatness keeps me watching it (in what will be its last, maybe second-to-last, season).

PARKS & RECREATION: On the other hand, Parks & Rec has FINALLY been coming into its own as a great show and not just "The Office with Different Actors". Now very much worth watching.

30 ROCK: The more I watch this show, the more I enjoy it. The writers seem to be honing their craft and making each episode more "spot on" than the last (with the exception of that "live taping" travesty, which did nothing but convince me that SNL is still not funny).

OUTSOURCED: Why, oh WHY, is this show still on the air? It's just... terrible. I've never seen a show before where 49 out of 50 jokes fall COMPLETELY flat (and 49 out of 50 is being generous). Shockingly, I once checked the Neilson ratings and noted that Outsourced had a higher rating (for a couple weeks) than Community. WHAT?!?!? Either millions of people in America are simply at that level of humor (makes me think of "Idiocracy"), or it's simply like a bad car crash that people can't look away from.


Ben said...

The Christmas episode of The Office is the best episodes I've seen in a year or so. Even as a shadow of its glory days, it's still far and away one of the better comedies on TV, and it does hold some sentimental value.

I treat The Office like a good dinner: I savor it. Then, I treat Community, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock like dessert: I save up a few episodes and watch them at the end of a long week and gorge on the awesomeness of it all.

Joe said...

Yeah I still highly enjoy the Office, and (also true) that even a 4/10 comedy compared to earlier seasons, it's still a 9/10 comedy compared to everything else on TV. BTW, have you walked that new AMC show "The Walking Dead"? I wasn't expected a "zombie show" to be any good at all, but somehow they've really done a great job with it. I highly enjoyed the first season. I love the glut of cinema-quality TV shows around these days.

Ben said...

I just don't get that into the horror genre outside of "Se7en" and "Silence of the Lambs," but that show was just riveting. The premise was more than the boiler-plate post-apocalyptic set-up, the characters were mostly interesting, and because it was only a 6-episode season, stuff HAPPENED. Plus, unlike most horror movies, the characters used LOGIC, which was refreshing. I think the tease of a true cure will be important for upcoming seasons, as well as some Mad-Max style militias roaming the United States.

Speaking of horror, I still have to see "Let the Right One In" and then watch the American remake "Let Me In." And, "Rare Exports" was everything I was hoping for and more.

Joe said...

Yeah I saw "Let the Right One In" but have yet to see the American remake.

We should have a "Let the Right One In"/"Let Me In" night some weekend. As soon as I get my car fixed (fingers crossed on that one...) I'll make the trek Westward.

Ben said...

This post needs an A&E label.

Joe said...

Haha, that it does.