Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three for Three

Booyah. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that Breaking Bad is the best drama series on TV today, and that Bryan Cranston's Walter White is one of the best (and best-acted) characters in television.

Three seasons of Breaking Bad, and three Best Actor in a Drama Emmys for Bryan Cranston. And this year his co-star Aaron Paul got a well-deserved best supporting actor Emmy as well.

An Overwhelmingly Positive Experience

This morning (Sunday, August 29th), Chris, Brian, and I went to the First United Methodist Church of Ellensburg. We came in on the basis of the church's sign about that week's sermon: "Jesus' Rules for Partying".

From our first footsteps in the church to the time that we left, we were greeted and welcomed in a way which, to me, seemed a perfect example of what Christ's church on Earth should look like.

The service was a beautiful mesh of the old and the new in the Christian church. We sang a few brief choruses first, and then several hymns, of which I was surprised to find myself actually led to sing along out loud. Even more surprising, Chris and Brian also joined in the singing of the hymns.

The entire atmosphere of the church had somehow uniquely captured both high reverence within the liturgical atmosphere (which included The Lord's Prayer, Doxology, and taking of Communion) and a spirit of the overwhelming love of Christ's Body on Earth, the Church.

We were informed, when the church lined up to receive Communion, that we didn't need to be members of this church in order to partake in their Communion, that all Christians were part of the body and therefore always welcome to partake of Communion in this church. Chris and Brian (naturally) politely declined, but I got in line and took part in the sacrament. This is perhaps the only church where I have felt comfortable, as a first-time visitor, taking parting in Holy Communion.

The pastor, one Ms. Shalom Agtarap, preached a beautiful sermon on Jesus' teachings about inviting the poor and the destitute in sit in the "best places" at dinner. A lesson, not heard often enough, about how as Christians our first duty is to be like Jesus Christ, and that one of His major emphases was "doing unto the least of these."

All three of us came out with an overwhelmingly positive regard for this church, Brian proclaiming "What an uplifting experience that was!" I came out feeling that I had truly participated in a celebration of my Christianity, and felt completely "at home" in this body of Christ.

This was a rare occasion where the church service seemed not to suck the life out of me, but to inject new life into me. We will certainly be returning.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Seinfeld" moment: My George Costanza wallet

George Costanza had a giant wallet that gave him back pain because he kept everything. I similarly have a painfully packed wallet, though I claim that all its contents are essential. This behemoth fell in the Yakima River yesterday, thus here are its contents all splayed out on a paper towel drying.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the Hunt

I hate this economy. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate that I have to compete with dozens of other people for a job here in Ellensburg. A job that isn't even that great. I hate that employers seem to take this opportunity to be lazy about getting back to people. "They're desperate, they can wait."

Out of the countless applications and resumes I've turned in, I've yielded two interviews, with two promises to call me by a certain date ("At the latest.") Both of those promises were not kept.

Now, I've got another interview. On Wednesday. The clearly-didn't-care recruitment representative of this noble unnamed institution informed me that it would be a "group interview." Oh... for one job? Fun.

Time to turn on the charm, spruce up the face, stash away the dignity and get ready to rumble.

I hate this economy.