Friday, March 20, 2009

Timberon, NM

Well, technically this blog isn't being posted from Timberon, although that is where I spent the last two days. Timberon is... well... a very, very small town in the mountains of New Mexico (that's right, there are mountains in New Mexico). The only internet connection was a slow (and I mean SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW) dial-up connection. I truly cannot believe that up until a few years ago most of the world connected in that manner.

Timberon would be an ideal place to visit for a hunter or outdoorsman. A piece of land and house can be acquired there very cheaply (ie less than $100,000). 
However... I would not want to actually live there. There is tons of allergy-causing pollen in the air, there is only one paved road in the whole community, and the only church is a small Southern Baptist church (which smells on the inside like an old Southern Baptist church). The closest town of any reasonable size is Alamogordo, which is 52 miles of winding mountain roads away.


Ben said...

I hate dial-up more than I hate Jay Leno.

Thesst said...

The good news is that Jay Leno will no longer be cluttering up late night. Now he'll be on at a time when there are many other (superior) shows that can be watched instead.