Sunday, March 8, 2009

Neighborly Wisdom

I have been informed by my neighbor, Clarence, that my "best years are behind you now."

That I will now have to work for a living and pay bills and be a real person, instead of just a college student.  Maybe.

BUT, there is also the distinct possibility that I will get into a grad school and extend my waltz with the "fake" world of college yet a few more years. Cheers to that!



Ben said...


When do you officially graduate? Now that I am done, I can hardly wait to be taking college courses again for masters.

Ben said...

Wait, you have neighbor who occasionally speaks to you, passing out casual observations about life... Are you sure you're not living in a sitcom? Does he speak to you from behind a fence always obscuring his full face? Does he occasionally bellow "Dennnnnnissssssss!!!" ?

Thesst said...

I think I might be living in a sitcom. Although he just comes over while I'm working on my car out front (hmmm also a somewhat sitcom-like behavior). He holds a beer and chats about whatever. His name is Clarence but I always think of him as "Art" because he looks and talks like an "Art."

Ben said...

Yeah, definitely only one step away from sitcom land right there. Unless he already has a funny accent/verbal distinguisher and/or a catchphrase.