Thursday, March 5, 2009

Diesels that Should Still Exist That Did Once Upon a Time

Most of these diesels were selected for their super-duper fuel economy (typically 40+ mpg), but some are simply classics of the tasteless styling of the 80's.
(Click on any of the images below to make them bigger if you want a closer look.)

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Cadillac Seville
The classic assless car. Throw in a smoky, underpowered 5.7L diesel engine, and you have one of the best (worst) cars ever made.
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Chevy Chevette
It's tiny, it's efficient, it's diesel... and it's a Chevette! Perhaps one of the rarest diesels in existence.
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Ford Tempo
Another rare diesel, but not quite as "lucrative" a find as a diesel Chevette.
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Isuzu I-Mark
Great fuel efficiency, great reliability, and a deliciously-disgusting 80's body.
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Isuzu Trooper
They're boxy, they're underpowered, but nostalgia + a diesel engine makes me want one of these.
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Mercedes-Benz 240D
Out of all the vehicles described in this post, the 240D is probably the only one that could actually be described as "classy and tasteful."
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Nissan Sentra
Incredibly fuel-efficient and amazingly fun to drive.
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Toyota Corolla
What can I say? Toyota makes simple, reliable cars.
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Volkswagen Golf
This car has the classic Comic Book Guy car design. It is a well-known fact that only huge dudes drive cars this small.
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Volvo 244
If you squint you almost might trick yourself into thinking you're driving a Mercedes.
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Ben said...

I'm a terrible environmentalist. I'm in the ignorant majority that doesn't care enough until gas prices go back up. I even drive worse now that gas is cheaper, gunning it up hills and around corners.

The EPA, Congress, and auto makers have been too lax for too long when it comes to gas mileage and emissions caps, and they're all finally paying the price. I hate to see people lose their jobs or the manufacturing base of the country crumble, but sometimes you need to start over, and the Japanese and European countries have a much better model that's going to have to be incorporated one way or another.

Thesst said...

I agree. Let GM, Ford, Chrysler FAIL. Let them fail.

A famous quote from Henry Ford that defined the Ford Motor Company's business policies for a long time was "Consumers can get a Model-T in any color they want... as long as it's black."

This is a global economy now, Mr. Ford. Your business model is obsolete.

Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Volkswagen... these companies have been keeping their ear to the ground. Let's look at the companies that are NOT failing and take a lesson or two from them...

Thesst said...

Or hey! How about taking a cue from the Indians?

djwut said...

I totally agree with laissez faire economics...especially when it comes to car companies. Who needs 15 billion different models of a truck? Or an SUV?