Monday, February 2, 2009

Where the Mind Wanders At Night

Last night I went to bed and couldn't sleep.  It's interesting where the mind wanders when you can't sleep. 
- First, I thought of that night (over six months ago) when a car full of hoodlums drove by my van and smashed the front window. 
- Then I fantasized that I had chased them down (but they didn't know it was me). 
- Then I imagined pulling in front of them right before a stop light, and then going into reverse and ramming their little car with my van.
- Then I thought of how they might be blamed for rear-ending me, making it all the sweeter.
- Then I realized that the skid marks on the road would show that I had backed into them.
- So then I tried to think of a way to make skid marks that would show that they had rear-ended me. I could not think of one.
- So if you can think of a way to back into someone and have the police believe that they, in fact, rear-ended you, please let me know.

Their car when I was through with them ---> 


Ben said...

I make all BMWs look like that picture just for the fun of it. I just assume if they're driving a BMW then they had it coming, or would some day.

Thesst said...

Well BMW does stand for "Break My Window", doesn't it?

NoJGenny said...

Oh, that is so funny. That line of thinking is not conducive to sleep. You could have imagined that you caught them, made friends with them and they paid for all the damage because they liked you so much. Then they became Christians and promised to stop their life of vandalizing. That would have put you to sleep.

Thesst said...

... but then got my revenge in the end because I ACTUALLY converted them to MORMONISM and so they BURN IN HELL when they die...

NoJGenny said...

Disclaimer to follow?

Thesst said...

DISCLAIMER: only Mormons who drink caffeine burn in hell.