Thursday, February 5, 2009

Toy Story 2

Writing on a toilet seat cover dispenser in a bathroom in the EJCH building on the UNR campus:
"I think Toy Story 2 was OK."


dj said...

I almost 'lol'd' in my huge lecture Math class. Thanks.

Ben said...

What an idiot. Toy Story 2 set a bar for animated features, especially sequels. And not just animated sequels, but it was rare in its ability to build on Toy Story, add to the original, incorporate the original, yet exist on its own and excel in the art of story telling.

Although, this "bathroom writer" may have been disheartened, as we all were and still are, by the tragic loss of Jim Varney. Jim Varney's comedic brilliance still is echoing in my soul, and I cannot enjoy Christmas without watching Jim Varney save it first every holiday season.

If this was indeed the case, "bathroom writer," then I understand, forgive you, and empathize with your feelings for Mr. Varney.

Ben said...

This true story sounds like the beginning of a brilliant Demetri Martin joke.

Thesst said...

I agree that Toy Story 2 was more than just "OK", and appreciate your ability to elucidate in words exactly why I feel this way.

Ben said...

I assume by your lack of comment about Jim Varney that you share in my opinion that his death was a cover up, and he is secretly still making movies in a Middle-East sheikdom, and that he will make his triumphant return in "Ernest Becomes Ayatollah!" once there is peace in the Middle-East. Which is exactly why Hillary Clinton needs to get busy over there.

The world is waiting for another Ernest movie!

Thesst said...

oh of course. Jim Varney didn't die. No way.

He will make his triumphant return in 2013, on the 25th anniversary of Ernest Saves Christmas.