Sunday, February 15, 2009

Northern Exposure

One of the great (and unfortunately under-appreciated by the current generation) pieces of American television art is the show Northern Exposure. NE was "indie" before people knew what "indie" was. While most shows were cranking out jokes OR drama, NE was cleverly adapting them to each other, and quite well. I just thought of this because I put in a DVD (that I thought was blank) and it had Northern Exposure episodes on it so I started watching them. And you know what I realized? I have never seen an episode of Northern Exposure that I did not enjoy. That's all.


NoJGenny said...

So true.

Ben said...

Did this show have extraterrestrial conspiracies, serial killers, a smoke monster and/or time travel?

I have to be selective in my new media or I will never get anything done, and I've decided those criteria work well as a litmus test until summer.

Thesst said...

None of the above. Save it for summer.