Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Final Word.

"Yes, you could take Dr. Gardner's PSY 763 as PSY 699 if Dr. Gardner had a section of PSY 699. As it stands, only Dr. Deborah Davis has a section of PSY 699, and the chair, Dr. Foilette, is not willing to open another section of 699 just so one undergraduate student can take it."

I don't even care at this point. It's OVER. I'm NOT taking Dr. Gardner's graduate seminar. The END. Capice?

On the bright (very bright, actually) side that means I don't need to read the 30+ journal articles assigned for Gardner's seminar this week. Hoo-ray. Which allows more time for me to watch "Weeds." Having almost blown through the first two seasons in three days, I need to start downloading season three otherwise there will be a (*dun dun DUN!*) GAP of time when the show will not be available to me. Also some other FX show I need to download and watch. However, with THAT show I will condition myself to do biology homework during the show so as to make it all that much less of a waste of time.

*picture is Dr. Gardner's textbook.


Ben said...

God I love TV marathons. Junior year I watched all seasons of The Sopranos over one quarter.

Thesst said...

I need to download and watch that show.