Monday, January 19, 2009

Diphenhydramine HCL

My supply of diphenhydramine HCL is dwindling. Why do I not care?, you may be uninterestedly asking yourself.  To answer your question, I will ask you a question?

Would you rather fall asleep easily and soundly yet feel the urge to also sleep all day the next day, OR
would you rather fall asleep gradually and uncomfortably, and in the morning not truly feel rested, but at the same time you're just fine with being awake all day

So, unless allergies decide to visit me again anytime soon, I think I will lay off the diphenhydramine HCL for quite some time.

Which is precisely why I do not care that my supply of said drug is dwindling.

On a final note, why is it that all diphenhydramine pills are pink? Is that some kind of rule, or what? What if I felt insecure in my masculinity and felt like people were questioning me for consuming pink pills? Thankfully, this will not be an issue anytime soon for at least three reasons:
1. I (as previously mentioned) will not be consuming diph hcl anytime soon.
2. I typically do not consume diph hcl in public places.
3. I feel secure enough in my masculinity to feel comfortable with consuming pink pills in public (were I to actually consume pink pills at all, and were it to be in public were I to consume them).


Brian said...

You take your diphenhydramine in pink pills? Ha! What a girl...

Thesst said...


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