Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cheap Craigslist Car: 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis

Looks like a pretty nice mid-level 4-door sedan. The asking of $500 is also about right for a car like this (the 5.0L V8 engine will only give 19-22 miles per gallon). Hopefully someone will give this car a good home (won't be me, I'm out of the car-buying game for a little while).

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cheap Craigslist Car: 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

This was one of the last of the true, full-sized American "station wagons". These days, a "station wagon" is little more than a 4-door hatchback, and the next step up is the small SUV (like the Honda CR-V). This is actually a pretty good deal, if it's in the condition the seller says it is. In fact, these final full-size station wagons are some of the best ones, as they didn't suffer from the horrific fuel economy of their 70's-early 80's predecessors. That's not to say that they what one would call "fuel efficient", but their 15-25 miles per gallon are certainly better than the 8-17 miles per gallon of the older full-size wagons.

The important kicker question about this particular station wagon is: "Does it have jump seats?"  If not, then it's cool but not awesome. If it DOES, then it's a winner in my book.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cheap Craigslist Car: 1977 Chevy El Camino

I've never liked the styling of El Caminos, but the idea of them has grown on me somewhat over the years. The utility of a pickup bed with the stylings of a car is actually a pretty neat concept.

Its downfall is, that like most oversized American cars of the late 70's, a V8 350 may be FUN to drive, but it's not very fuel-efficient.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cheap Craigslist Car: 1990 GMC Suburban

This is an example of a "deceptive" listing, where the asking price he listed in the header is NOT actually what he is asking. When I first saw this, I thought "$900, not a bad price for a working 4x4 suburban," but then I read the description and it turns out that he's actually asking for $900 cash PLUS $900 in trade OR $1,800 cash.

So his REAL price is $1,800. Which is far too much to ask for such a gas guzzler when gas is $4/gallon.

On large trucks and gas guzzlers, "I put SO MUCH MONEY in the tires!" is extremely common. Unfortunately, the instant you buy tires you lose at least 50% of their value. You cannot ask too much for a vehicle just because YOU spent too much on tires.

Asking price: $1,800
Realistic selling price: $1,000-$1,400
What the owner should do: re-list at $1,500, take the best offer he gets. Gas guzzlers are a dime a dozen these days. OR put cheap tires on it and relist the truck at $1,200 and the tires separately for whatever he thinks he can get.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cheap Craigslist Car: 1987 Mazda B2600a

"Transmission blown up, cracked windshield, rest of truck is sound."
I laughed out loud when I read that line.
Send it to the crusher.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cheap Craigslist Car: 1969 Ford F100

I've never been a fan of big trucks, but I do have a soft spot for older pickup trucks. This 1969 F100 is exactly the type of truck I would love to own, and in fact this specific specimen would be perfect EXCEPT: it's not a 4x4 pickup.

Really, $1,200 for a running/driving pickup in this shape of this vintage is a good deal.

But, to me, a pickup without 4-wheel drive adds nothing to my "collection", so I'll pass.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cheap Craigslist Car: 1977 Ford Thunderbird

I have been meaning to make the 1 hour trek to Stagecoach to buy this 77 T-bird for a while (to resell). I still haven't managed to get down there, and it still hasn't sold. The price seems to be good for what it is and the condition that it's in.
One very curious thing about this listing, however, is how NONE of the pictures show the top of the hood. Either that's the part that "needs paint" and needs it BADLY, or the photographer doesn't know what they're doing. However, those side-view and front-view pictures seem to be very consciously omitting the hood.